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De-risk your data management with the right resources

Why your organisation could be at risk if you don't have the right resource to take care of your data

Many organisations neglect the management of data, mainly due to the fact that database management is rolled up into IT infrastructure services. Often these organisations feel they cannot justify the cost of a full-time database support/administrator.

The headaches caused by poor Database Management

Problems can arise when Database Management becomes an after-thought.

This can include things like:

  • Loss of data and data integrity
  • Reduced database security compliance and in the ability to avoid preventable outages and incidents
  • The inability to uncover and proactively act on business insights
  • Application & reporting performance issues

What’s the best way to avoid these costly mistakes as well as any resulting loss of revenue, competitive advantage and data related risk?

Organisations are encouraged to do a balanced analysis of the pros and cons of the database management sourcing decision.

The reason for this is that while there may be a certain comfort and familiarity in using internal expertise, there can be problems:

  • Finding and recruiting staff with the right blend of skills
  • High costs associated with ongoing training
  • Breadth of experience required
  • Specialist data staff being pulled away to other conflicting responsibilities

Without having the right skills in place to maintain the company’s data, organisations are faced with problems like the reluctance or anxiety about making changes, confusion about what needs to be done, frustration between IT and the rest of the business, lengthy time to complete simple tasks, application and reporting performance issues.

Benefits of working with an external partner

Bringing in a third-party to provide outsourced database management services may initially bring a sense of loss of control – but the benefits are compelling:

  • Staff recruitment is no longer an issue – freeing time and cost spent associated with recruitment and training
  • With appropriate service levels in place staff turnover (either internal of within the provider) is the provider’s problem to manage
  • Internal staff live in a “sample size of 1” – staff in external providers have had exposure to dozens of companies, sharpening expertise through experience
  • It is easier to get external providers to ramp up or down, depending on changes in requirements.

Curious to see how we can help?

Fusion Professionals help you overcome the challenges you experience when managing your databases, ensuring your business applications continue to run smoothly and that you have the ability to act on insights proactively.

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